New Balancer PCB and Kit

New Tr-PS-1 regulated low-voltage power supply holds its own power transformer

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Product Description

Brother to the Tr-PS-2, the Tr-PS-1 is a low-voltage, regulated 12Vdc (or 9Vdc or 12.6Vdc) power supply, perfect for powering vacuum tube heaters or replacing the wallwart power supply that powers DACs and other small audio gear. The Tr-PS-1 holds its own 36VA power transformer.

The key feature to split-bobbin, flat-pack transformer designs is their low capacitance between its primary and secondary, which inhibits the transmission of high-frequency noise from the primary to the secondary, as the core is too frequency-limited to allow the this coupling on its own.

The Tr-PS-1 PCB is only 5 " by 2.8 " and, like all GlassWare PCBs, is extra thick (0.094 in), US-made, with heavy 2-ounce copper traces. The PCB holds a 3A, low-drop-out (LDO), adjustable voltage regulator, the LD1085, which idles at 10mA with no external load and is able to deliver 1.5A @12Vdc into an external load. The rectifiers used are ultra-fast MUR410G types, each of which are shunted by a 0.1F ceramic capacitor to reduce RFI creation.

As you can see from the Tr-PS-1 schematic shown above, using jumpers J1 & J3 places the two primary windings in parallel, for use with 115Vac wall voltage; using only jumper J2, in series, for use with 230Vac wall voltage.

The goal behind both the Tr-PS-1 & Tr-PS-2 power supplies was to make building tube projects easier; hook-up and play, if you will.

The Tr-PS-1 kit includes all the parts, including the user guide, the transformer, and four sets of standoffs and screws and O-rings. It can be set to either 9Vdc, 12Vdc, or 12.6Vdc and offers the option of a 1.5in or 2.5in heatsink.