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Tilt-2 Control
Tilt-2 Control
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Tilt-2 Control
The Tilt-2 Control kit consists of a small PCB (1.4in by 2.8in), a stereo, shorting, three-position rotary switch, four capacitors and sixteen resistors. It is a passive design, which entails a -2dB insertion loss and whose center frequency is 600Hz. The center position results in a flat frequency response, but is down -2dB. As the control twists clockwise, the highs go up by +1dB and the lows go down by -1dB per click. Conversely, as the control twists counterclockwise, the lows go up by +1dB and the highs go down by -1dB. Kit includes user guide and the PCB, rotary switch, and all the polypropylene capacitors and 1% metal-film resistors.

The Tilt-2 must comes before the volume control potentiometer; and it takes in account the volume control's resistance in the calculations of the parts values. This is an improvement over the previous Tilt Control, as the former required that high-impedance termination, which a volume control would not provide. The Tilt-2 works with the volume control, as the volume control's impedance is part of the Tilt-2's circuit.

The Tilt-2 is a simple affair: a small PCB (1.4in by 2.8in), a 4-pol, shorting, three-position rotary switch, two capacitors and eight resistors. The assumption is that the signal source presents a low output impedance, which most modern electronic equipment does, but which some old pieces of tube audio gear do not, and that the volume control it cascades into presents a fixed resistance. Since the Tilt-2 Control is passive, it does not require a power supply, mercifully.