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TCJ My-Stock DB - Download
TCJ My-Stock DB - Download
Item# 200410-DL

Product Description

TCJ My-Stock DB - Download
TCJ My-Stock DB helps you know just what you have, what it looks like, where it is, what it is going to be used for, what it cost, and even what it does (the program will search the net for answers).

TCJ My-Stock DB Version 2 Improvements

List all of your parts in one DB

Add part images

One-click web searches for info

Vertical and horizontal grids

Create reports as PDFs

Graphs added 2D/3D: Pie & Bar

More powerful DB searches

Help system added

Editable drop-down lists

With preformatted data entry, data filtering, 16 pre-defined parts categories (you can add any number of user-defined categories), pie charts and bar graphs, and reports that concisely summarize your collection, TCJ My-Stock DB helps you to keep track of your heap of electronic parts.

Adding parts and devices to your part collection is easy. When a diode, IC, transistor, or tube's name is entered, TCJ My-Stock DB looks up its manufacturer, sub-grouping, package style, and price from a lookup table, which speeds up data entry for these active devices. These (editable) lookup tables are available for diodes (including TRIACs, SCRs), ICs, transistors (including, FETs, MOSFETs, and MESFETs), and tubes.

The lookup lists can be edited for each type of part (including part types that you define). Moreover, global lists, such as the your locations for parts and your projects, can be edited as well. TCJ My-Stock DB will display your parts collection in three ways: a spreadsheet-like grid, data columns, or a graph (pie chart or bar). TCJ My-Stock DB will create reports to be printed or stored in a PDF file.

(Downloadable version 11 megabytes)