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Bipolar High-Voltage Power Supply

PS-18 Bipolar Power Supply
PS-18 Bipolar Power Supply
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PS-18 Bipolar Power Supply
The PS-18's PCB is small, being only 4in by 4in, but it packs quite a wallop due to the large-valued capacitors used. Two RC-based pi filters smooth the bipolar DC outputs. The heater power supply is regulated, using an LDO regulator, LD1085, and can accept either a full-wave-bridge or voltage doubler or full-wave center-tapped rectifier configuration.

The high-voltage portion of the PS-18 power supply uses a high-speed solid-state full-wave bridge, center-tapped rectifier circuit and two simple RC filters to achieve fairly quiet bipolar output voltages, which can span up to ±400V (with the 450V capacitor option).

The PS-18 bipolar power-supply kits comes with either 470µF/250V or 150µF/400V capacitors. The PCB is made from the same high-standard extra-thick, 2oz copper, double-sided board, with solder masks and silk screen part placement labels on both sides. As one customer put it, "You could make a bullet-proof vest out of your PCBs." KIt includes everything needed to populate the PCB and includes four sets of hex standoffs and screws and O-rings.

Requires a power transformer with a center-tapped secondary.

Kit includes 20-page user guide.


Triad VPT230-110 toroidal transformer
For USA sales only! The Triad VPT230-110 toroidal transformer holds two secondaries and two primaries.
For USA sales only!

The Triad VPT230-110 toroidal transformer holds two secondaries and two primaries.

VPT230-110 Electrical Specifications (@25C) 1. Maximum Power: 25VA 2. Input Voltage: Series: 230VAC, 50/60Hz Parallel: 115VAC, 50/60Hz 3. Output Voltage: Series: 230VAC CT@ 0.11A

Parallel: 115.0VAC@ 0.22A 4. Voltage Regulation: 12% TYP from full load to no load 5. Temperature Rise: 30°C TYP 6. Hipot: 4000VAC, Primary to Secondary 7. Efficiency: 87% TYP. @ full load

The two secondaries allow two rectified B+ voltages to be created, either 165Vdc @ 100mA or 330Vdc @ 50mA. The two primaries allow this transformer's use with either 120Vac or 230-240Vac wall AC voltages.

This toroid is a great match with the PS-1 regulator, along with the TA050-12 12Vac toroid for the heater regulator portion of the PS-1. I should know, as I have used many of these toroids in the past. It could also be used with PS-3 or PS-15 or PS-18. It would also work well with the ACF-2 PCBs.

Because we charge a flat-rate of shipping, you will not be penalized for its high weight (1.102 lbs). This high-voltage toroid comes with the mounting hardware and large rubber washer
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Triad VPT230-110 toroidal transformer VPT230