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New PS-20 High-Voltage Power Supply Kit

Item# PS-20 Kit
5Y3 Tube Rectifier: 
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Product Description

This power supply is super simple: two 50F/550V polypropylene capacitors, with a power RC resistor in between, and a tube rectifier. This new power supply is quite similar to the old PS-5. It can be used with secondary voltage up to 375Vac (750Vac CT) and can use either a 5AR4 or 5R4 or 5Y3 or 274B rectifier.

If you plan on building a tube-based power amplifier or robust line-stage amplifier, and if you desire tube rectification, this is the the power supply kit to get.

Kit includes two 50uF/550V polypropylene capacitors and octal tube socket and four standoff sets and a variety of RC resistors. The JJ 5Y3 tube rectifier is optional.