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New PS-17 High-Voltage Five-Section RC Filter

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Product Description

The PS-17 is a new power-supply RC filter. It is not a complete power supply, as it requires an external power supply to establish the B+ voltage. In other words, it is an add-on for an existing power supply. It could, however, be used with a GlassWare Rectifier-1, which would create complete high-voltage power supply.

This PCB uses five cascading RC filters to provide suitably well-filtered B+ voltage for class-A tube circuits. Each RC filter consists of a 47F/450V (or 220F/200V) capacitor and a 3W power resistor. The input and last RC filter are bypassed by a high-quality 1.5F/550V polypropylene film capacitor.

At the input, an extra electrolytic capacitor used, so a total of six electrolytic capacitors sit on the board. The PCB is quite compact at 3 inches by 4 inches (75mm by 100mm).

The circuit is quite simple: raw DC voltage is applied and one end and much cleaner DC leaves at the other end. The assumption behind the circuit is that it will be used with a class-A tube circuit, not a class-AB power amplifier.

I created this kit for those who need a bit more power-supply noise reduction from their tube-based phono stages or power amplifier front ends. in other words, the PS-17 does not replace an existing power supply, it augments it. If used with a tube-rectifier-based power supply, then the PS-17's input capacitance might prove too great and a 100-ohm series should be used at the input.

The GlassWare PS-17 kit includes the PCB, six high-voltage electrolytic capacitors (450V or 200V) and two 1.5F/550V polypropylene capacitors and five 3W power resistors and four sets of standoffs and user guide.