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TCJ Push-Pull Calculator - Download
TCJ Push-Pull Calculator - Download
Item# 200411-DL

Product Description

TCJ Push-Pull Calculator - Download
TCJ Push-Pull Calculator helps tube audio amplifier designers develop push-pull output stages that yield low distortion and long tube life. TCJ Push-Pull Calculator is a 32-bit program that runs under Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP.

Do not let the low price fool you; this is very powerful program. Over 30 simulation results are calculated and shown in multiple column format. In addition, seven user-adjustable graphs (2D and 3D) reveal the relationships between the variables and the results. Reports can be created and saved as PDFs.

Over 50 tube types (only triodes and triode-connected pentodes) are included in the triode-model database. User-added triodes can be partially simulated.

TCJ Push-Pull Calculator Improvements

Rebuilt simulation engine

Create reports as PDFs*

More Graphs 2D/3D*

Help system added

Target idle current feature

Redesigned array creation

Transformer primary & secondary RDC inclusion

Save user-defined transformer definitions

Enhanced result display

Added array result grid

*User definable

Much more detail and screen captures are available at

Note: this is the downloadable version (5 Mb). For the version on CD-ROM, return to the previous screen and select again.