New Balancer PCB and Kit

New Electrostatic Headphone Amplifiers and Power supply

Electrostatic Headphone Amplifiers
With electrostatic headphones, you simply hear things that you never hear with any loudspeaker and with few other headphones; for example, classical musicians turning their sheet music over, floorboards creaking under the bass player and his fingerprints rubbing against the strings. In addition, you hear flubbed notes and clumsy recording-room edits that you never heard before. In other words, bad recordings sound bad, whereas many other headphones homogenize all recordings, smoothing over such defects, but at the cost of smearing clean recordings.

ES Power Supply PS-8
The PS-8 circuit board was designed for those who need a high-voltage, bipolar power supply with two sets of regulated heater power supplies. On this seven by four inch, extra thick (0.094), 2oz-copper traces, USA-made PCB resides both a bipolar high-voltage power supply and two low-voltage regulators, with each finding its own raw power supply, including the rectifiers and power-supply reservoir capacitors. In other words, except for the power transformers, the PS-8 PCB holds all that is needed to make a fine tube-circuit power supply suitable for electrostatic headphone amplifiers.