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New Balance Trim control

Balance Trim
Balance Trim
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Product Description

Balance Trim
The new GlassWare Balance Trim is a simple ladder attenuator, with six positions, which can be used with a volume potentiometer (or stepped attenuator). The switch is a 2-pole, 6-position, shorting design that never places more than two resistors in the signal path. It allows making -1dB decrements in signal level. By using one per channel, fine balance trimming is possible.

PCBs are 1.4 inches tall and 2.8 inches long and will fit within most 1U rack-mount enclosures. Each resistor position holds a redundant set of pads, so that radial (bulk-foil types) and axial resistors can be used.

The Balance Trim kit includes instructions and one high-quality, open-frame, rotary switch and one USA-made extra-thick, high-quality PCB, with 2oz copper traces and solder mask and silkscreen on both sides.

Two are required for stereo balance control.